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Ingredients Of Healthy Relationship

Is your relationship healthy? Are you happy in your relationship or it is slowly eating away your vitals? Let us find out what is needed for a healthy relationship.

Relationship- satisfaction to both
A healthy relationship satisfies both the partners. In healthy relationship the partners feel that they have someone who loves them, cares for them and will be always with them in pain and pleasures of life. Do you get this kind of feeling? If not, you need to reexamine the relationship and find out what is needed to improve it.

Relationship- how to develop healthy relationship?
How to develop healthy relationship? Love is the first need. We are not talking of infatuation but mature love. Love and care for each other nourishes life. Only when you love and care for somebody, you will make efforts to go to extra mile to make the relationship work.

Partners in a healthy relationship have many common traits. Life goals, values, beliefs and, emotional drivers are common in a healthy relationship. If you are going to argue about every decision, because your goals and values are different, the relationship will suffer. Similarly, if what drives your emotions leaves your partner unaffected, you both will never satisfy each other emotionally. That will again make it an unhealthy relationship. If a sight of a beautiful waterfall moves you and your partner tells you that there is nothing great about that and that you should move on, you would surely hate yourself or your partner.

Good communication is one more essential element for healthy relationship. If you are communicating well with each other, you can solve many issues which otherwise may blow up your relationship. Communication also means good understanding of each other and understanding of verbal and non-verbal signals. A healthy relationship is most important for your growth and to keep you happy most of the times.

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