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Easy Ways To A Flourishing Relationship

Here are some easy ways to have a flourishing relationship under all circumstances.

Expectations play a big role in a relationship. We expect and when we do not get, we are disappointed. We may get angry and if the anger persists, separation results. The best way is to spell out all the expectations. Point out whenever you feel they are not being met and try to ignore as many situations as you can when your expectations are not being met.

Express gratitude whenever your partner does something for you. Husband takes wife for granted and vice versa. People are forgetting the art of saying thank you. Why not make other person feel good? By receiving thanks, the recipient feels worthy. I am a good person. I did something good, so I am getting these Thanks. Why should we miss even the smallest opportunity to express thanks? It costs us nothing. But it is invaluable for one who gets it.

If both partners decide, they can be happy under all the circumstances. Happiness is a boon. Things will always be going wrong. Memories will always come. But if we decide to keep ourselves happy, we can surely progress slowly to a state where unhappiness cannot touch us easily. Happiness is only one emotion. We are affected by different emotions - Anger, Love, Hatred, compassion and so on. What applies to happiness also applies to all other emotions. Emotions batter us at all the times. We are like a ship freely getting beaten by the roaring ocean of emotions at all the times. Once we decide, we can be happy.

Test your relationship-
There are few websites that offer tests and quizzes. Attempt all the quizzes on relationships and find out your answers. Ask your mate to do the same and find the answers. Compare your answers and try to find questions that were answered differently by both of you. That will tell you something about the areas your relationship may encounter friction.

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