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Relationship- Is Your Attitude Casual?

Your response to many situations is casual. You do not bother much. For example if there is a hurricane, thousand miles from your place, you treat it casually. But when the same hurricane hits near your place, you respond with great alacrity. This analogy can be applied to your relationships. Are you treating your relationship casually or do you take utmost care to make sure that everything always goes well?

When you talk to your partner, is your approach abrupt? Do you treat your partner carelessly at times? Have you come to the stage of relationship when you believe that it is perpetual? When you come to that stage your approach become casual. Till you try to woo your partner, you are very alert. Once you win him/her over, your approach may become casual. This is a common pitfall. Once this attitude becomes an every day affair, the relationship suffers and like a brick taken out from a wall a day, the wall of relationship slowly becomes weak and one day collapses to your shock. You are then left wondering about what went wrong. So, do not keep your attitude casual. Always be loving and caring towards your partner.

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