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Do You Want An Agressive Or A Passive Partner?

The personality of your partner will decide the contours of your relationship. What kind of personality does your partner have? Is it aggressive or passive? If your partner is aggressive and you are also aggressive, do you think that the relationship will survive for long? What if both of you are passive- submissive types? Will that relationship again give any joy? Let us begin with you. Do you know about your personality type? Are you aggressive or passive? Have you thought about that?

An extremely aggressive personality may believe this- I am the world. The world must obey me. I can never be wrong. I know what is to be done and how. All of you must follow what I say without any protest, because I tolerate no dissent. I am the storehouse of all the knowledge and what I do not know is not worth knowing. I am the most intelligent person going around and though I do not show it clearly, I know that all of you are much lower than me in intelligence. I am the boss.

A most passive personality will be like this- Please be with me. I do not know how to face the world. I will do what you say, but please protect me from this world. I do not know much and please guide me at every step. I need you. Please help me at all the times.

These are two ends of extreme personalities -the first one - aggressive and the second one -passive. Most of us fall somewhere between the two. Here it is also important to note that we may change from aggression to a passive personality sometimes and vice versa.

Understanding personality trait is very important. When you observe your partner, please note about his/her personality traits. After that sit down and think whether you would enjoy such relationship? If the answer is yes, go ahead; otherwise drop the idea.

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