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Developing Healthy Relationships

What is a healthy relationship? What is required to have a healthy relationship? These are vital questions to live life in joy. There is no joy in life if your most important relationship with your partner is not healthy.

A healthy relationship satisfies both the partners. It tells them that they have someone who loves them, cares for them and will be with them in pain and pleasures of life. If your relationship is not satisfying these needs, you need to examine it and improve it to make it healthy. A healthy relationship is most important for your growth and to keep you happy most of the times.

How to develop healthy relationship? Love of course is the first ingredient. Deep love and care for each other is the pre-requisite. Only when you love and care somebody enough, will you go the extra mile to make the relationship work. A healthy relationship demands many common factors. Life goals, values, beliefs and, emotional drivers should be common to have a healthy relationship. If you are going to argue about every decision, because your goals and values are different, the relationship will suffer. Similarly, if what drives your emotions leaves your partner unaffected, you both will never satisfy each other emotionally. That will again make it an unhealthy relationship. If a sight of a beautiful waterfall moves you and your partner tells you that there is nothing great about that and that you should move on, you would surely hate yourself.

Good communication is one more essential element. With good communication, you can solve many issues which otherwise may blow up your relationship. Communication demands very good understanding of each other and understanding verbal and non-verbal signals. If you develop the above qualities, there is every possibility that you will enjoy a very healthy relationship.

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