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Close Relationship

How do we define close relationship between persons of opposite sex? When does the relationship become close? How will they relate to each other when they share a close relationship? What is your definition of a close relationship?

Do you sacrifice your own feelings in a close relationship? Or do you express them clearly? A close relationship goes beyond friendship. Imagine two close friends and add romantic love to that; it becomes a close relationship amongst two partners. Friends share their happiness and sadness, success and failures, and their true feelings with each other. It happens in a close romantic relationship. Both the partners have complete faith in each other and share their every feeling without fear of getting manipulated. They don’t want to make the other partner happy by talking only of good things, but want to feel close by sharing the best and the worst.

Any relationship where one feels doubtful expressing one’s feelings is not close. When you are still trying to understand the other partner’s likes and dislikes and getting involved, the relationship is not close. It becomes close only when you are open to each other and share a close bond of love and friendship. When you call yourself a true mate, that is a close relationship. ‘I will share my laughter with you, and my tears with you. I am close to you. For I know that you are always with me. And you know that I am always with you.’

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