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Conflict Resolution In Romantic Relationships

Romantic relationship and conflict are two opposite poles. Conflict can kill a romantic relationship, because one of the conditions of a romantic relationship is - no conflicts. To avoid these conflicts, one partner gives in to the others wishes in romance. That giving in, gives the romance a greater charm in the beginning, but can hurt it in the long run. Let us examine a situation where a conflict has arisen and none of the partners can sacrifice to maintain the same love. When both the partners feel very strongly about something, this situation arises.

What can be done to resolve such conflicts without hurting the relationship? This becomes difficult, but needs to be done otherwise the relationship will suffer big damage. The first step should be - state your position. Both the partners should state their position about the matter under discussion. It should be very clear - This is what I want in this situation. After stating their position, they need to compare notes about what is common amongst their demands. The points that are not common need to be resolved now. As the positions are different, give and take has to take place. Begin with each demand and find out if both can reach a common position on that. Try to find innovative solutions and reach a common position. Find out all the conflicting positions where some common solution can be arrived at.

Now the positions that are left, have no common solutions and they are the ones that can damage the relationship. Exercise give and take here. I give in to few and you give in to few. Let us respect what both of us want and reach somewhere that gives us some solution. Little sacrifice, little understanding, discussion, listening to each other, respect for others position will all combine to produce a solution to resolve the conflict without damaging love. Some conflicts can hurt an old relationship badly. Resolve them before they flare up into something big. In every such conflict resolution, the first need is love for each other. If both of the partners are in deep love with each other, every conflict can be resolved. As love becomes a victim of time, more conflicts will arise. Therefore make your love strong and keep it strong for a smooth journey in life.

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