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Cheating In Relationships

There was a time, when marriages were considered sacrosanct. Except few, not many ever thought of cheating their spouse in a marriage. Now the trend looks like reversing. Not only men but even women cheat without thinking much about the marriage and effects of cheating. It is a moral question. If you are married to someone what does it mean? That means that you are committed to that person in all the respects. You will share all your pains and pleasures with that person only and vice-versa.

Many of us want to have our cake and eat it too. We wish to continue with the marriage because the thought of divorce makes us feel uncomfortable. At the same time we cheat, because we are bored with our relationship and the relationship has lost all the excitement and zing. But this should not be done. If you are bored with your marriage and want some excitement, talk it out with your partner. If he/she agrees, go with someone else whenever you want. At least you will not be cheating upon your partner. It is an open relationship, where you made everything clear and got the permission. If you cheat without informing your spouse, that will be bad, because it is cheating.

Many societies and religions allow multiple marriages to stop people cheating. One can argue about this, but the truth remains that a lot many men and women cheat in marriage and that takes away the essence of the relationship. Either you break the relationship and go with the other person, or you take permission from your spouse about that relationship. Believe it that rather than cheating, it is far more better to ask permission. You may feel uncomfortable confessing and asking for permission, but your conscience will be clear. When you cheat, you will be caught one day and you will not be able to face your spouse at all. Openness in life and truth always brings more peace than any cheating can ever do.

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