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Destructive Relationships

Every relationship that we have, is to make us feel happy. We relate to each other to get and give joy to each other in various ways. Sometimes the relationships don’t go as planned and remain stagnant, with no meaning. But what if a relationship comes down to a level where one of the partner feels that he/she is getting destroyed? That relationship is bad and destructive. Unless there is some reason that can be identified and rectified, the relationship should be broken.

What kind of relationship can be called destructive? If you start feeling afraid of your partner. If your partner finds fault with whatever you do. If you are laughed at by your partner in front of others. If your freedom to make your plan for career gets repeatedly vetoed by your partner. If you feel very unhappy at all the times. If you want to break immediately and run away. If you have no trust in your partner. If you are given no choice to grow as a person. If you are unilaterally bound by rules that sound dictatorial. If you are in such a relationship, please consult some responsible person or agency and get away from the relationship as soon as possible.

Why do some relationships that began beautifully become destructive? That is a difficult question to answer, except guessing that your partner has problems that make him/her behave in this way. They should seek psychological help. But before you get destroyed further, break the relationship for some time and review it after some time. If you feel that it is hopeless, break it for ever.

Talking to your partner about how his/her behavior is affecting you may not always help. Talk it out and find out if that helps. Otherwise it is time to consult professionals and getting away.

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