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Will a Good Friend Become A Good Partner?

Friendship and love both are so dissimilar and both are so similar to each other! A lover is considered the best friend in our life. We share most of our thoughts with our romantic partner. Then why cannot a good friend become a good lover? Or is that possible to do successfully? Many of us are worried that by romantically involving with our friend we may loose our friend and never gain a lover. Let us examine this more.

What are the differences between friendship and love? When do we call a person our friend? When do we call someone a very good friend? For us, to call anybody a good friend we must have these qualities in the friendship-

If we care for a person
if we are always ready to help that person and
if we share most of our thoughts with a person.
We are always sure that our friend understands why we act in a certain way
We can always count upon our good friends in an emergency.

Are these not the qualities of a good romantic relationship? What is the difference? In romantic love, we are physically attracted to our beloved. Our beloved is also physically attracted towards us. That may not happen in friendship. This is the first difference. For most of us romantic relationships happen because there is something in the other person that magnetically draws us to them. That does not happen in friendship.

Friendship and romantic relationship look to be very much like each other, but in reality they are as different as cheese and chalk. If you wish to have your friend as your romantic partner, you need to think again. You may be about to loose a good friend. You may not get a romantic relationship in bargain but only pain may result from this.

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