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Whom And When Should You Marry?

Romance is fun and love is great, with marriage being the ultimate destination. Is that right? No. After few years, we will call divorce as the ultimate destination. Why is this happening? Two persons seemingly in great love with each other, and looking as if they are made for each other decide to divorce each other after a short time of marriage. Why? Was the selection wrong? Was the timing wrong? Or they did not know about what marriage entails? Let us examine some aspects.

The very first thought before you decide to marry should be - are you getting swept away by romance? Is the romantic feeling so good that you are ignoring every other vital sign? That you are forgetting to consider what you should before marrying? Romantic feelings are intoxicating and like most of the intoxicated persons, lovers many times may not understand what they are doing. It all looks like a fairy tale, but unfortunately the dream of a great married life remains a dream and is never realized. If you are experiencing the heights of romantic feelings, sit back and think about everything the marriage will bring.

The first consideration to think of is do birds of a flock stick together or do opposites attract. In marriage it is the former one. If both the partners react totally differently to any situation, how can one imagine them reaching a common decision and live a life of peace. They may not agree with the home to live in, to begin with. One may be looking for great green spaces and the other may be a great lover of crowded city life. This is not true only of homes, but most of the character traits, that are ignored in romance. But in marriage as every decision needs approval of both, it becomes difficult to live together.

One very important factor to be considered is - is there any quality of your partner that you will hate? Some people are very short-tempered while some cannot bear any anger at all. How can they live happily together? Look for such qualities that you might have ignored in your romance and imagine living with a person with those qualities. If you are sure that you will be able to carry on despite them, do, otherwise think again.

Romance makes us blind to many issues of real life. A marriage is a life, which two persons live together to give joy to each other and create a family that contributes positively to others. If your partner fits into your total scheme of great living together, where he or she may be the first person you will see in the morning, please go ahead, otherwise try to know more and search for better alternatives. The fuel of romance will carry you for the first few months, and as soon as the romance dies away, the realities will surface.

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