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Stopping Extra-Marital Affairs

In any marriage, what can be done to stop extra-marital affairs? The first question here is why have an affair? Obviously something is wrong with the relationship and a partner is not getting what he/she wants from the other. They think that they will get it from somebody else. That is the primary reason of an affair unless the personality of a partner is such that he/she searches for a new partner after some time. If your partner is not that kind, then what can you do to make your marriage resistant to any outsider? Let us examine.

Romantic Love
Is the passion between you and your partner same as it was during your courtship days? If not, you have to rekindle the romance. Many of us stop appreciating our partner after some time. The same hair or the same body that was praised so highly, gets ignored. Please restart telling your partner how you love his/her qualities and how that attracts you madly in love to him/her.

Talk about everything with your partner. Tell all that is in your mind and find out all that is bothering him/her. Be supportive in the talk and be a true friend. Stand besides your partner in everything and try to reduce his/her burden in all the possible ways. This will bring you both nearer to each other.

Make Life Fun
Make life fun for your partner with weekend getaways, small parties, adventure sports and whatever he/she likes. If your partner is fond of paintings, you can bring one once a year as a gift. Do something to show that you truly care.

Go wild
Sometimes, we forget our teenage years. Repeating what we used to do during our teen years with total abandon can bring great spark in life. Once in a while stop behaving your age and become teenagers and go out and enjoy in ways teens do. That will make both of you feel young and fresh.

A partner gets involved in affairs if he/she is not getting satisfaction. If you manage to not only give satisfaction, but exceed the expectations, you will not only be making your marriage safe, but also a very enjoyable togetherness.

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