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Marriage- When The Initial Euphoria Is Over

The euphoria of getting married and having a blissful life together gets over soon for some of the couples. Why it gets over is a mystery, but it does. If you ask any couple about the possibility of this happening during the marriage, they will answer- impossible. We are so much in love together and our love will keep increasing. Nothing can ever happen to take our excitement away. The reality is that the excitement evaporates in some time. What after that?

As soon as the couple realizes that the euphoria is over, they should be alert to that. Because if they don’t handle this phase positively, the phase that may follow will be of mutual blames and disagreements.

As soon as you realize that the initial euphoric love is over, take notice and try to bring the romance back. The simplest way is to go into the past and remember the old days again. Think about the good times as much as possible. Slowly your memories will take over the present and you will get ideas about how to get the romance back.

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