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Catching A Cheat

Catching a cheat is a difficult task. You may be suspecting that your spouse is either cheating or has the thoughts of cheating on you. But unless you are sure about it, any action that you take may backfire and doom a good marriage. Imagine that your spouse was innocent but you doubted him/her. What will be their reaction?

A typical sign of a cheating spouse is getting distanced from the family, especially the partner. No plans of joint outings or dinners are made. A cheating spouse looks uninterested in most of the family matters. Likes to be left alone and goes out at any pretext. This is always the first sign that your spouse may be seeing someone else.

What do you do? Don’t assume that cheating is being committed. Instead look at it as if your spouse is losing interest in you and to a small extent, the children, if any.

It is time to sit and talk heart to heart. Talk to your spouse about how you are feeling and try and get the feedback. If there is no cheating but some other reason, you will get to know. If your spouse is cheating, you will get evasive answers and sometimes irritated sounding responses. This confirms the initial suspicion of cheating. Proceed from here to confirm and then decide the next action.

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