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Cheating - Save Your Partner From Pain

You may cheat because you could not control yourself for a moment. Was this the first time you cheated? Will this be the last time you would cheat? If yes, should you tell your partner to feel good by removing your guilt? Or should you let them be at peace?

If you tell your partner, you will give him/her immense pain. Even if a compromise is reached and a pardon is given, the thought that you cheated will fester in your partner’s mind for long. That will damage your relationship. You will also behave every time in an artificial guarded way with people of opposite sex. Is this all worth it because you have guilt?

What if you don’t tell your partner and save them from pain? You have no right to pain your partner. You have no right to rock the relationship. Save whatever is left. Let this be the last time you cheated and try to rebuild the relationship without telling your partner. Don’t hurt them so much that they can not bear.

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