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Marriage - Enhancing Romantic Love

Take it for granted. That is what we do with our romantic love after few years of marriage. The relationship comes on a platter and there is no excitement left. It all becomes dull and boring with no surprises left. Love is killed, the adrenalin that flew is no more there and life is as usual. Is this the kind of life you expected to live after falling in love and getting married to your darling? That was never expected, but somehow things came to that. No one desires a dull existence without any spark in life. The trouble is that most of us don’t wish to do anything about this. What can be done? Here are few ideas.

The main element to bring spark in a dead life is surprise. Do something that is unexpected by your spouse. No, we do not refer to anything shocking, but anything that brings joy to your spouse. Instead of calling on phone about something, what if you send a note full of love? Many a times, we remind our spouses about doing something. How about writing that with love pouring in and sending a quick love note. A reminder to go to a dentist can also be made to sound romantic. Try this - sweetheart, you have an appointment with that dreaded dentist’s chair today. Please don’t forget, because after you return from the dentist your smile will mesmerize me more and your laughter will make my heart miss a beat.

Send a bouquet with a love note. Let it be any day. Need not be a birthday or an anniversary. But any ordinary day. The bouquet will bring a big smile on the face of your sweetheart. How about throwing a surprise holiday in life? No planning together. Do everything on your own and announce on the day of departure. What do you think will be the reaction of your spouse to this? Be creative and think of doing things that will bring a surprising cheer and joy.

When was it last, that you admired your spouse for his/her physical beauty? You did that a lot during your romancing days, isn’t it? Now it has all stopped. Why not begin it with new fervor and show appreciation and admiration in words as many times as possible. Make the spouse feel good and worthy. Make him/her feel worthy and being loved. All of us are facing many problems in our day to day life. Small gestures that bring the romance back will surely make the burden of life feel little lighter.

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