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Is Your Spouse A Royal For You?

Imagine royal people. Everyone treats them with total courtesy and respect. Nothing is unavailable to them because they are the monarchs of the kingdom. They always feel that they are from the royal family and are most of the time very happy to be so. What if you consider your home as the kingdom and your spouse as the monarch? Your behavior towards your spouse will change dramatically. And what if your partner in turn treats you like the monarch? Your happiness will go up manifold. This scenario may not be fully practical in your home, but to a great extent yes. For example, like a monarch you may not be able to order a new diamond ring whenever you want, but the courtesy and respect costs nothing.

In a typical marriage, people seek more for themselves and give only grudgingly. In the initial phase of romantic love, one gives beyond limitations, but as time passes the behavior changes. That happens in the marriage phase. The husband grumbles about his wife and the wife grumbles about her husband. Tolerance for each other reaches a low level, forget speaking of respecting wishes. This kills the joy of living and romance is lost. The wife always wanted to be treated as the queen and the husband always wanted to be the king who gives liberally and gets respect. The relationship is totally different in most of the marriages as said earlier.

What if they behave as if the other person is a monarch? The tone of talking will change immediately. Every word will be spoken with consideration and respect. The other person’s wishes will become commands and if not fulfilled, be at least considered and a compromise will be arrived at. Both the spouses will try to make each other’s life easier and more comfortable. The husband will help the wife in household chores and the wife will always consider, about how tired he has returned from the office and make him as much comfortable as possible. The rough edges while talking will disappear and sweet and courteous speaking style will replace that. Blaming each other for various problems will go down substantially and fights and verbal duals will stop totally. One can think of so many changes that will occur with the simple adoption of the mind set that you are the monarch by both husband and wife. It will take a lot for such marriage to break, because nobody wants to vacate the royal seat.

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