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Do People Show Their True Character After Marriage?

One hears about marriages breaking at a speed that was never imagined. Everybody gets married with a lingering doubt about its survival in today’s world. Why? Is it because of something that changes after marriage? The relationship that looks so good goes sour after some time in marriage. Why? Let us talk about the make believe and the truth of character before and after the marriage.

While dating, everyone shows his/her best side. Some people are acting. They are worried that if their potential partner knows about their real character, he/she will leave them. So they try to find out what she/he likes and act accordingly. It is like politicians who know what the public wants and promise them that, before getting elected.

As soon as people get married, they continue acting for sometime, but after that the play-acting become very tiresome. If the man was a person who never wanted to help his wife in household chores, he will slowly reveal that. Similarly the wife, who always was well behaved and talked softly before the marriage, changes to a person who loves to nag her husband.

Married life brings out the true character in most people. Earlier it was all play. Now it is the real stuff and that shocks the other partner. The marriage suffers after that realization.

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