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Show Appreciation To Enjoy Married Life More

You love each other passionately. You have so many good things to say to each other and you eagerly wait to meet and talk. This is all before the marriage. Why most of these disappear some time after marriage? Some how as the initial passion reduces, appreciation for each other’s qualities also reduces. At least you stop expressing that in words frequently. But that hurts the marital relationship.

Appreciating each other in married life is one of the best sustainer of love. Every spouse wants to hear how good he or she is. Any appreciation howsoever small brings a smile on the face. You all need appreciation, because it is an acknowledgment from someone. If you appreciate your spouse, but don’t express it in words, he/she will never come to know about that, and may even resent you for not appreciating her/him. To have feelings is important, and to express them is more important.

Your appreciation may accompany a flower, or can even be written on a beautiful card. An outing may be arranged to appreciate the good qualities. Appreciation need not be confined verbally, but many creative ways can be invented to show it. ‘Sweetheart, this small gift is for you in appreciation of the care you take to keep yourself looking smart. I love that.’ Something like this can create a big difference in marital life.

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