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Are Men Committed?

Men want their ladylove to be committed. They desire nothing but total loyalty. If she goes out with any other man, they feel angry and devastated. They are always trying to find out if something is cooking. What about her ex? Did he call? Do they still meet each other? This may not be applicable to all men, but a fair share of the population.

What about men? Are they loyal to their woman? Are they not flirting around? Are they totally committed? What about a fling here or there? Do they call that as only a fling, because they came back? What about their loyalty and commitment? Or there are two different definitions for men and women? It can be inferred that quite a few men live by double standards.

They justify their every action. They have plausible reasons for why they did something. But they will not tolerate any such behavior in their women. Isn’t it time that a woman stands up and tells her man that irrespective of the pain of break-up or divorce, if he goes wayward, she would leave him forever? Women are afraid of breaking up and that emboldens the men. Once a woman demands her rights, the man would be left with no choice.

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