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Apologizing In Marriage

A marriage is the most important relationship for us. A marriage if successful, gives our life a firm base for progress and peace. With breaking marriages and the tension, we cannot think of prospering, because most of our thinking gets devoted to our marital problems.

To have a successful life that gives us an opportunity to progress and be prosperous, we need to have a steady married relationship. For that, a healthy relationship is necessary. Giving respect to each other and accepting mistakes is an essential part of that.

When we apologize, it should be sincere. It should not only be a sincere sounding apology, but also a sincere apology. Sometimes, we are not sincere, but act. That is always found out. Our goal, when we make any mistake, should be a sincere regret. A sincere apology makes our spouse feel good and respected. Small gestures make a marriage strong, and small errors over a period of time make a marriage break up.

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