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Marriage - Are You Reliable?

Every person has got some character traits. Out of many character traits, reliability was once upon a time considered a great virtue. It is still considered so, but not many people are reliable now. Are you reliable? Can your partner depend on you whenever he/she entrusts you with any work? Can you be relied upon in a crisis? Can your partner depend upon you at all the times? If yes, that is great.

Why is reliability so important? If you know that you can rely upon your partner, you will be free of many headaches. The first being the worry of cheating or break-up. A reliable person does not cheat. If a reliable person desires a break-up, he/she will come straight and tell you. There will be no guess work and no tension because of that. Is that not a great benefit?

Relationship Quiz- How good are you in settling disputes with your spouse?

Disputes can spoil a marriage. Test your dispute settling abilities with this relationship quiz.

Relationship Quiz- Do you have faith in your partner?

Faith - the pillar of any relationship. So what about you? Do you trust your partner totally?

Relationship Quiz- Do you take your partner for granted?

A question you must answer, if you want a great relationship. Take this quiz to find out.

Relationship Quiz- Are you being manipulated by your partner?

This is a question, which many of you face in any relationship. Take this quiz to find out immediately.

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