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What Is The Difference Between Love and Infatuation

Many-a-times people get into relationships thinking that they are in love, only later to realize that it was just infatuation. So how do you know that what you feel for a person, is not just another passing phase of attraction? In this article, we will teach you what is the difference between love and infatuation.

Many say that there is an age to fall in love. However, this is not true. Your level of maturity is the main deciding factor. Maturity refers to the level of understanding of situations. Think about the experiences you have faced in your life. Have you been into serious relationships before? Do you know what a heart break is like? Well, all these factors matter a lot when it comes to differentiating between infatuation and love. Unless you have experienced infatuations before, you will not know what love feels like.

Love doesn’t need a reason. And if there is a reason, it is not love. If you like them just on the basis of their looks or their ability to crack you up, then that is mere attraction. When you really love someone, all these things hardly matter much.

How much do you know them?
If you don’t know them enough, you can’t possibly say what you feel for them is love. The reason being, you don’t even know them enough to decide whether you really love them. Once you know a person with all their faults and weaknesses and once you have mixed about with other people who are more attractive or charming than them and yet the way you feel about them doesn’t seem to change, only then can you be sure that what you feel for them, is love.

Love is just a four letter word, yet is more complex than any other word in the dictionary. Its inability to be described is the main reason why it is so difficult to be spotted. Infatuation can be very deceiving. It makes you believe that you are in love, when in reality you are not even close.

Is it love or is it infatuation?
Find out if you are in true love or is it plain infatuation which will go away some time.

The puppy love quiz
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