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Are You Becoming More Than Friends

There are no clear-cut signs that you have fallen in love with your friend. No love bug pops in to remind you that you are in love. However sometimes it just bites you and you won’t even realize until, your friend is married off with someone he or she hardly knows although you were the one, whom they always secretly dreamt about. Don’t let your romantic life story turn into a tragic love story. We are no heroes here. We are not here to make sacrifices. So find out if you are in love with your friend, before the cruel alarm rings and you can’t even use the snooze button. Here in this article we will discuss whether you are becoming more than friends or not:

Once a wise person stated that girls and boys can never be ‘just friends’ forever. Well guess what, he wasn’t lying. At some point in time, love will always make its grand entrance into your friendship. If you are spending more than 8 hours non-stop talking to them everyday, pouring your heart to them, trusting them with all your secrets, depending on their advice and cannot possibly imagine life without them, well breaking news: You are in love with them or they are in love with you. However sometimes there is also a slight possibility that cupid has not stricken as yet. But there is a huge possibility of cupid making his celebrity entrance a little later than usual. Have you ever dated someone while the two of you were friends? What was the reason of your breakup? What did your ex’s think about your friend? Did they ever feel that there was something between the two of you? Now lets come to your other friends. What do they think about the two of you? Do they often tease you together? If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is a huge possibility that maybe the world isn’t that blind the way you thought it was. Now think about your life. Do they come in the picture? Do they play a very important role in molding your life into the one that it has become? Only if you are in love with someone, you wouldn’t mind if they interfered with your decisions. While you were reading through this article, if there was one person who was constantly playing on your mind, well you are surely in love with them.

The saddest part about love is, not realizing that you are in it before it is too late. If you realize that you are in love with a friend, first find out if they also feel the same way about you. If the feelings are mutual, only a foolish person would waste more time. Speak out and take your friendship to a new level. Best of luck to you.

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