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How The Meaning of Love Has Changed

Sad as you may say it is, but does true love truly exist anymore? Whatever happened to the love that was supposed to last forever? And no my dear friends, this is no more a rhetorical question. In today’s world, love just manages survives in a 300 page novel, because in the real world you will hardly see such miracles taking place.

Here we have occasions like Valentines day that promote everlasting love. While, on the other end of the spectrum we got people who detest the whole idea of staying with one person for the rest of your life. It’s very conveniently tagged as ‘boring’ and ‘irksome’. Today changing partners has become this new trend, that the world seems to be worshiping. There was a time when we had eternal love stories to learn from, like Romeo and Juliet. Such stories used to set an example to the youth teaching them the values of loyalty and fighting for the one you love. However, today we have stories like 500 days of summer successfully taking its place and positioning itself very comfortably into our society. In today’s world the term ‘love’ is no more a strong word the way it used to be in yesteryears. People don’t even think twice before telling someone that they love them. And then again don’t even think once before ending the relationship, as soon as they begin to feel that their relationship is missing something that they very conveniently call as ‘spark’. When the truth is, even they don’t know what was that ‘spark’. ‘Absence of spark’ is the modified version of saying ‘I’m bored of you’ or ‘I find somebody else cuter’.

Relationships need to be constantly nurtured and care for. Problems have to be worked on. You certainly cannot expect your relationship to work on its own. To make it work, efforts have to be made. If you do then you will never have any regrets that you didn’t try.

No, it’s not easy. But if you manage to work on them, as years pass and you look back you will feel a sense of pride and satisfaction. Nobody takes pictures of the hard times. However, it is these hard times only that pull you through one happy picture to the other.

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