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Romancing With Sunsets

A couple in deep love with each other, finds love everywhere, because they are filled with passion. But there are certain places where the joy of romancing increases manifold. One can never imagine of romance on a busy street with cars honking all the time. To romance and share what the heart says in silence, go to watch sunsets. You will truly enjoy the passion. If you watch a sun set near a sea shore, that will even double the joy.

Imagine the sun setting on the horizon, and the sky turning darker slowly. Watch the sun rays that change in colors as they reflect from the clouds. You will see few birds flying around going back to their homes, and the peaceful sea with waves unendingly kissing the shore.

The sun sets slowly. As you watch it, you can feel it dipping in the ocean. The colors change very fast and the reflections from the clouds look mesmerizing. If both of you are alone on the shore, it will make you so close to Mother Nature, that you would feel nothing else exists on the earth except both of you and the nature. It is peaceful, and hearts can talk to each other. Words are not needed when one watches such enchanting sights. One can as well talk with the heart. Look at the waves. Somehow waves look quiet during the sunset. But they keep reaching the shore, touch it, and go back. This is the unending dance that has been going on since millions of years. Watch the sun’s reflection on the ocean. Even if you were not a poet, you would write a poem about your beloved and the sunset.

We are all troubled with day-to-day work and worries. They are unending. Romance brings a new freshness in life and watching a sunset together can make you touch that fresh feeling, as if no worries ever existed. As the sun sets, and the night arrives, get up and return to your nest as all the birds have already done. Gather as many such moments as possible because after few years, they will become your most cherished treasures. Life is short.

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