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Love And Lies Don’t Go Together

The foundation of love is trust. Love thrives on trust. Love demands trust. Love gives trust. When you love a person, you expect that the person is fully trustworthy and you become trustworthy to him/her in return. In love, you give your all to your beloved and you do that only because you trust.

For any love relationship to last, the trust must last. Once the trust is lost, it hurts. The betrayed partner cannot stop loving the untrustworthy partner, but cannot trust him/her. This creates a very difficult situation. In the beginning, when you love someone deeply, you refuse to believe that your partner will ever breach your trust. Despite all the indications to the contrary, you ignore the warnings. When the trust is fully broken, you awake to the bitter and sad truth. That gives you a real shock. Some people, who are totally blinded in love, still refuse to believe that their partner lied to them. Once one is convinced of that, they get shattered. A break-up may follow with disastrous results for one who was lied upon.

Love is a pure feeling. Consider any love. Love of a mother for her children, or love of a saint for God, every type of love is pure. Romantic love is equally pure. Love gives bliss because you find a partner who cares for you and who can be trusted by you. Similarly you shower care and love upon him/her and remain truthful. Even the smallest lie can sometimes create suspicion and spoil the love forever. Some lovers are suspicious by nature and if they suspect anything, they break up.

If the lies are about another relationship, the results will be worse. As jealousy enters into the picture, the consequences can at times be disastrous. As said before, love is a pure feeling. No lover should lie in this relationship. Truth about any and everything will be still better, because lies always get exposed in the end.

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