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What Kind Of Lover Are You?

All of you are different. You have different emotional make-up. You grew up differently in your childhood and you have different value systems. Some of you have a predominant emotion that may be constructive or destructive. You have your own way to look at relationships. Your motivations are different and you derive satisfaction with different goals.

Lovers are equally different. Take any lover, and you will find a unique specimen. Though lovers can be broadly classified, lets see what can be different amongst them. To begin with how do people look at love? Some of the lovers have a great fear of rejection and therefore they avoid getting involved in an intimate relationship beyond a limit. Some lovers feel good, if someone loves them. That satisfies their urge to know that they are worthy and good. So love reassures them about their worth.

One may find lovers who want to give all they can to their partner without expecting anything in return. They want to please their partner. But such lovers may get frustrated after giving for a long time and begin complaining about not receiving anything in return. Some lovers are weak inside and seek a partner to protect them. They may or may not show this need, but will complain if the need of protection is not satisfied. Some lovers are successful in their life. They are confident and self-dependent. They know how to express healthy love, but may ignore the partner after sometime, if the partner does not match their intellectual skills. Similarly, you may find a lover who will not express love in words but does his/her best to care for the lover. There are many more kinds of lovers.

What does this all mean? This means that human beings are complicated individuals and love, being an extension of the personality, is equally difficult to understand. What kind of lover are you and what kind of lover is your partner? Think about that. If you try, you can find out something that can be changed to make your love life much better and satisfying.

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