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Love - Who Are You Looking For?

Most of us are looking for Mr. Right or Ms. Right for us. We believe that when we get him or her, our life will be complete. We will no longer feel a vacuum, and that fulfillment will be ours. What do we mean by feeling fulfilled in a relationship on a perpetual basis? Is it possible? All right, let us begin with what is fulfillment for most of us.

We believe that we all desire to have high self-esteem, respect from others, peace of mind, happiness, a satisfying physical relationship, an ever improving career and a life that is a fairy tale story turned into real. Is this correct? None of us gets that. All of us always have something left out. That is the reality and that is the pain of life. But most of us look for a lover who will help us get all that I mentioned above and lots of innocent and fulfilling love as a bonus.

How to look for such a person? How to at least get a person who can bring us closer to our dream life? That is what we look for in our beloved and when we don’t get it, we get frustrated and ask for separation. Is our demand fair to begin with? Do we deserve all that we are asking for? Will someone feel that love for us that he/she will do everything in their power to help us achieve our dream?

Before we begin looking for a lover and the right person with whom we can live the life blissfully, let us first take a look at ourselves. Are we worthy of that kind of love? Are we honest and compassionate to get the respect we demand? Are we ready to help our partner satisfy his/her needs even if it means sacrificing some of ours? Are we clear about our career and love goals? Are we sure about what kind of happy state we are looking for? These questions and many such other questions can help us first rate ourself. Before we begin our pursuit of a lover, we must know everything about ourself. We must be ready to improve ourselves in all the possible ways, and we must offer our partner a person who is really good. So we must first make ourselves really good.

In the search of how to define a really good person and how do I become a person who can be called real good, we will come across many queries about life and its many issues, such as values, goals, worthiness, happiness and so on. This will make us travel on a path of inquiring about what is good in life and once we begin on that path, we will need a person who can help us achieve all that we want. Rather than looking for someone who can give us a dream life, if we search for someone who can make us a very good person, our pursuit will end happily. Our goodness will satisfy us fully in the end. If such a journey is taken along with a partner who also wishes to be a very good person, you will be living a rich life that will fulfill your vacuum for ever.

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