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Love - Giving Pleasure

In love, giving pleasure to your beloved is the ultimate goal. Love is for that. To give pleasure, and make your beloved happy with all you can do. That is the reason, the poets speak about bringing the stars and so on. In love, the lover wants that he/she should make the partner happy beyond wildest imagination.

We have so many occasions when a great amount of unadulterated pleasure can be given. Talking of dinners for two. How many romantic lovers think about it seriously and try ways to make it a memorable affair? How about this? Search around your city. Choose a restaurant that looks and feels romantic right from the word go. Something out of this world or at least very different. Meet up with the manager and ask him about his/her ideas of what will make a dinner memorable for lifetime. Note that we have used the word lifetime memorable.

Get the table decorated with flowers that are the special for your beloved. Ask for exclusive crockery if they have it.Take a table in a corner with soft lights and light romantic music. Ask if the restaurant can spare a waiter only for both of you. Cost be no consideration. Then think of food. Go in your memory and think about all your partner loves to eat. Ask the restaurant to make those dishes even if they are not in the menu.

Hire a music group and tell them the tune to be played- the favorite of your sweetheart. And then, bring your sweetheart to the restaurant as if nothing happened. Suddenly as both of you get down of the car, the band will begin playing and the manager will escort you both to the table, you selected with the special waiter in attendance. Let the band play and let the food come. Let the love flow. You will make it a memorable dinner. Your sweetheart will fall more in love with you for the attention you gave. As said earlier, love is giving, so let the love flow.

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