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10 Reasons Why You Should Hate Valentines Day

Valentines day doesn’t spell happiness and excitement for everyone. There are many who dread the Valentines season, the red balloons, the over hyping and the wastage of money for the excuse of love. If you are one of the people who hate Valentines day, this article is for you. Here we will discuss 10 top reasons why you should hate Valentines day.

10 top reasons why you should hate Valentines day:

1. Waste of Money:
Often Valentines day is over-rated and it becomes obligatory to get your loved one a Valentine’s day gift. If you are unable to do so, you are perceived as a boring and unromantic person. It can cause a huge hole in your pocket.

2. It is not a public holiday:
Both schools as well as offices run just as usual. You don’t get a paid off because it is Valentines day. At a time like this, it becomes obligatory to take leave in order to spend the day with your loved one. It is often considered as a test of how much you love them.

3. Who is St.Valentine?:
Till now there is no proper proof that the story of St.Valentine is actually true. It is like having a huge celebration in the honor of a person who we are not even sure existed by real. For all you know, he just might have been a psycho serial killer who killed people in the name of love.

4. Fake promises:
Valentines day calls for promises to love someone for eternity. However in today’s fast world, you will barely see that happening. Very often, fake promises are made among lovers on the day of Valentines day, that are broken the very next day.

5. Lacks practicality:
You shouldn’t need an occasion to tell someone you love them. If you are truly, madly and deeply in love, why should the period to express it be limited to just Valentines day? Love is meant to be expressed all year round. The calender shouldn’t be telling you the day to speak your heart out.

6. Makes singles feel like losers:
This is pretty evident. With the whole amplification of lovers celebrating the day because they are ‘fortunate’ enough to have found love, makes other single people feel like they are losing out on life. It is like as if the whole idea of being happy in life revolves around this four letter word called ‘love’.

7. Corny Gifts:
Yes, Valentines day gifts every year are more or less the same. The heart shaped pillows, the box of heart-shaped chocolates, the teddy bears with hearts and the heart-shaped balloon surrounds the whole idea of Valentines day. The only colors that are used are red, pink and white. As if there are no other colors to choose from.

8. Defines health sabotage:
Whatever happens to that hard work you put in all year, by starving yourself to death in order to appear fit so that you can get a date on Valentines day? Well it just goes down the drain, with the box of chocolates that you received as your Valentines day present.

9. Stupid Cupid:
Does the whole idea of a winged naked overfed cherub who is shooting arrows at you sound appealing? Well if you go back to the story, Cupid was apparently Venus’s son whose job was to shoot arrows at people that would force them to fall in love. Does this guy even sound sane?

10. Social Pressure:
Valentines day puts a lot of pressure on you to think out of the box and creative. The sole purpose is that, your partner can go about bragging to their friends about the Valentines day gifts they received. In case you do something that is not good enough, you are again perceived as an unromantic and unimaginative person. It is a sheer waste of time which could be used to do something more fruitful.

Finally if you truly love someone and want to express your love, don’t choose Valentines day as an occasion to do so. It will seem more like a formality. Instead choose another day, it will be a proof that your love is not driven by the pressures of the society but comes straight from your heart.

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