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Anti Valentines Day Ideas

Valentines day is certainly not loved by all. There are plenty of people who absolutely loathe the whole idea of Valentines day. If you are one of them, here are things that you can do on Valentines day.

1. Throw an Anti-Valentines day party:
Call in all your single friends. Keep the dress code black. Serve broken heart shaped candies. Use funny anti-Valentines day slogans on banners, dead roses and black balloons to decorate the place. Why mourn while the world celebrates love? Use this day as an advantage for yourself. Have a blast.

2. Gift your anti-valentine friends:
Choose from anti-valentine gifts like t-shirts, wall hangings, mugs, paintings or soft-toys, movies, books, etc carrying the anti-valentine theme.

3. Watch movies:
Movies are a great way to distract your mind from the sickening atmosphere of lovers outside your houses on Valentines day. You can choose movies like Fatal Attraction, To Die For, The War of the Roses, 500 days of Summer, Cruel Intentions, Sleeping with the enemy, etc. Or you could also just skip the romance and watch something totally different like action, comedy or horror genre. The options are The Saw series, The Lord of Rings, Fight Club, etc.

4. Listen to music:
Songs like Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart by Alicia Keys, Hard by Rihanna, Single Ladies and If I were a boy by Beyonce, White horse and Fifteen by Taylor Swift, What goes around comes around by Justin Timberlake, etc would be ideal.

5. Bonfire night:
Call all your single friends over and arrange for a bonfire to celebrate the night. You and your friends can sing and dance around the bonfire and burn all your exes photos and gifts, romance novels, romantic DVDs, etc in the fire.

6. Spa:
It can indeed be very sickening to see all the hitched couples getting all mushy during Valentines day. So what if you are single, you still have every right to be pampered. Spend your day at a renowned spa.

7. Spend the day with your family:
Say goodbye to the idea of one on one relationships. Arrange for a family dinner for your entire family. It will a great way to get the whole family together.

8. Indulge:
Indulge yourself in chocolates and cakes. It is a day to spoil yourself and do everything that takes your mind away from the fateful day. If you like shopping, go out and get yourself something you have longed for a while.

Just because the whole world is enjoying celebrating being in love, doesn’t mean you have to sit back and mourn. Celebrate the fact that you are single! Have a great Anti-Valentines day.

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