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How to Make Valentines Day Special For Your Girlfriend

Use Valentines day as an opportunity to make your girlfriend a little more happier than she already is with you. Bring that smile that you love so much, back to her face. Here are 10 ways to make Valentines day special for your girlfriend:

1. Write her a love letter:
Letters no matter how old the idea may be, they still are more romantic than any other media. This Valentines day, write a letter about how much you love her and what she means to you. She will preserve it forever.

2. Prepare chocolates for her:
Girls love chocolates. Instead of buying her a box of chocolates from a shop, why don’t you prepare them yourself for her. You would probably be the only guy who has done something as sweet as this for her.

3. Make a bouquet for her:
Don’t just buy her a bouquet of flowers from a florist. Make her a bouquet yourself. Use all her favorite flowers in the bouquet. You can also use ribbons and decorative paper to enhance the bouquet further.

4. Get her a pet dog:
Place a puppy out of the main entrance to her apartment after you ring the bell and hide. When she opens the door, she will have one of the best Valentines day gifts ever staring at her overjoyed face.

5. Take her for a date to the beach:
The waves, the breeze and the sand are priceless gifts that a beach offers. This Valentines day, take your girlfriend for a walk along a secluded moonlit beach. Make it even more special, have a huge heart drawn on the sand for her. The two of you can dance in the middle.

6. Ballroom dancing:
Ask her for a dance, for the entire night. What could be a better way to celebrate Valentines day? Take your girlfriend for a Valentines day ballroom dance party.

7. Spa:
She’s your girlfriend. She obviously needs pampering. Take your girlfriend for a day at a really good spa. You can opt for a couples package that includes a massage, a face lift, manicures, pedicures, etc. Girls absolutely love pampering. She will never be able to thank you enough.

8. Trekking:
If your girlfriend is the adventurous kind, this will be a great way to surprise her. Take her trekking to some place to where you have been before. At the top of the peck of the mountain that the two of you have to climb, place a box with a ring. When she reaches on the top, she will be up for one big fat wonderful surprise.

9. Paragliding:
What is more romantic than flying in the sky with the one you love? This Valentines day, take your girlfriend paragliding at a mountainous region. There are various agencies that organize such activities. Choose the one that offers the best deal.

10. Tell her that she’s not your girlfriend anymore:
Won’t it be quite a pleasant surprise? Just kidding! What we really mean is ask her to marry you. Nothing can make her day more special than this. This is a moment that girls always dream about right from when they are little. Hence, make sure you make it special for them. Propose for marriage in the most creative way possible.

These are 10 different ways how to make a day like Valentines day special for your girlfriend. The idea is to make her feel like a princess for a day. Make it a day that she will always remember. It is nice sometimes to remind the one you love, about your feelings for them. It keeps the love in your relationship grow. Best of luck to you.

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