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10 Ways To Make A Girl Like You

Of course, it is important to be yourself in a relationship. But that does not mean you do all that you wish and expect the girl of your dreams to like you. There are certain rules that you have to follow as the first step to get her to like you. Below are ten ways to make a girl like you.

1. Become her friend:
When she thinks of getting into a relationship, she will obviously prefer someone she knows rather than just picking up some stranger. Be someone whom she can open up to and feel comfortable around. Only once you are done with this stage, you will be able to move on to the next stage.

2. Be reliable:
Always be someone who she can trust. Don’t make promises to her if you cannot fulfill them. A true gentleman always stands up to his word. Be someone who she can rely upon. Then only will she learn to respect you.

3. Flirt a little:
Shower her with compliments once in a while. It is the first step to be noticed by her in a way more than a friend. She will be flattered. As time passes, she will look forward to your compliments. However, also make sure that you sound like you mean it. However if you don’t want to carry the tag of a ‘best friend’ for the rest of your life, make your compliment are a little flirty and don’t sound like a father complimenting her little daughter.

4. Make her laugh:
If you are able to do this. Then consider half of the job done. For women, good and witty sense of humor in guys is simply irresistible.

5. Be confident:
Confidence defines a guy’s sex appeal. Girls like guys who are confident about themselves. Insecure guys are a nightmare to any girl. No girl would intentionally tie herself to an insecure loser.

6. Maintain basic hygiene:
Although girls already know that boys don’t care much about hygiene, a guy who cannot maintain basic hygiene is a total nightmare for any girl. Make sure you are well kept. Also see, that you practice some amount of table manners.

7. Respect her:
You are allowed to tease her a little, but at the same time also make sure you don’t go overboard. Always respect her. A good gentleman is always a turn on. Actions like holding the door for her and talking to her with respect will catch her eye and she will slowly get attracted to you. Yes, girls like to be pampered and cared for. But, that indubitably does not mean that you treat her like a two year old. Advice, only when she asks you for it.

8. Listen:
Girls love to talk. So naturally, they like boys who are great listeners. Be prepared to listen to her. Don’t interrupt her when she is talking something important.

9. Don’t be too available:
As much as it is important to be there for her, it is also vital that you know how to maintain the balance. Don’t be available for her all the time or she may just end up taking you for granted.

10. Don’t be too perfect:
Now this can be real tricky. Yes, it is important to be a nice guy to make her like you. But, the rule is girls tend to fall for the bad boys. So don’t be super perfect. It is completely okay to have your own flaws or she will just end up treating you like one of the good friends.

These are a few pointers that never fail to make a girl get attracted to a guy. In fact, these are some of the things that actually girls look for in boys.

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