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10 Things Men Should Never Say To Women

Surely honesty is the best policy and it is important to be sincere in a relationship. However being sincere and honest about everything will take you nowhere in the dating world. Most of the time, women want to hear and believe only what they truly want to. If you tell them something that they don’t want to hear, it won’t be long before you find her little two legs running far away from you. The dating world consists of a number of do s and don’t s. Among all these rules there are certain things that should never, ever be said a woman. Here are 10 things that men should never say to women:

1. How old are you?
Didn’t your mother ever tell you never to ask a woman her age? It’s a shame if you already don’t know this as yet! Woman hate to grow old. Their age is something very private that they keep to themselves and share it only with family, close girlfriends and husbands. If you don’t fall in any of these categories then you are not allowed to question her.

2. What’s your weight?
This is next to asking a girl her age. No matter if they are light as a feather or heavy as a stone, girls are very conscious about their weight. You will just come across as a freak who has left his manners at home.

3. You are just like my ex:
No, no, never! Leave your past behind. Talking about your ex can cause a lot of problems in your current relationship. It may make her think that, you never really got over your ex in the first place.

4. This dress makes you look fat:
Don’t even attempt saying this even if she asks you. Because even if she directly asks you for your opinion, what she is secretly hoping for is,’No baby, not at all.’ If you surprise her with an answer as honest as this, she will conclude that you are trying to change her and are not happy with whom she is.

5. Are you pregnant?
Girls are human, and often they tend to put on weight on the wrong places. So when you see that little bump covering her stomach, unless you’re one hundred percent sure don’t even dare to make this statement. Or else be prepared to face her wrath till she lives on earth.

6. I’m better than your Dad:
Girls love their fathers. No matter who comes in their life when they grow up, their fathers will always be a hero to them. Nobody can ever take their place in a woman’s life. So unless you want her to start thinking that you are some kind of vicious snob, don’t dare saying something like this.

7. That lady is hot:
Don’t say this unless you are talking about her. This is the biggest sin you can ever commit and she will come up with her own conclusions about your character. These are things that you talk with your guy friends, and definitely not with your girlfriend. The moment you make this statement, she will start beginning to feel jealous and insecure. Don’t invite trouble. The next time you see an enticing barbie doll making her grand entrance, reserve your compliments in your mind.

8. I don’t like your new hairstyle:
A woman’s hair is her sensitive area, especially if she has taken a lot of trouble to groom it. Even if it looks horrendous, you are not allowed to say anything bad about it.

9. I can’t stand your best friend:
Girls are very possessive about their best friends. Anyone saying anything bad about their best friend, automatically becomes their enemy as well. So even if they are noisy, bitchy, obnoxious and irritating to the core, the breaking news is you have to learn to deal with them.

10. I love you:
Girls tend to get very emotional once these three words are spelt out to them. Once you tell them that you really love them, it won’t be long before they will take your relationship to the next level. So don’t say it unless you truly mean it.

Knowledge is power. Unless you don’t know basic things that affect girls, you will probably end up making a lot of mistakes. Isn’t it a serious relief to know all of this?

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