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What Do You Remember After A Break-Up - The Love Or The Hatred?

All of you get into a relationship because you feel euphoric love for your partner. You love whatever your partner does. That love makes you feel very good. You experience great joy and feel special. All this changes over a period of time for some of you.

First you begin finding mistakes in each other. Then you blame each other for small things. You blame each other for not caring. You start doubting if he/she was the same person you loved? Slowly this takes form of hatred. You begin to hate each other. You cannot bear to live together and break up.

Now you have two memories. The first is that of love that brought you together and the second is that of the hatred that pulled you apart. What do most of you remember after the break-up? It is the hatred that is most remembered, isn’t it? This is a paradox, but it is true. Why not remember love so you suffer less after the break-up?

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