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Dating After Divorce- Reflect Before Going Ahead

Many articles talk about dating after divorce. Most of them advise that you should bury the past and go ahead with a positive frame of mind. Agreed, that one should not think negatively and proceed with full faith and expectations. This time, you will get someone who will be yours forever. That is the right way. What about the mistakes made in selection of the earlier spouse? Are you not supposed to reflect on the mistakes and make sure that you don’t repeat them again?

You should not regret about what happened and must not be in constant thought about why things went wrong emotionally. What needs to be done is something like surgical analysis. Write down all the reasons of why things went wrong. Now write down all that you want in your partner so that things will go right. In choosing your new partner, don’t compromise on these essentials. Make sure that your future spouse has all those qualities that you want. Under no circumstances, think that it can be worked out afterwards. Once you do it your way, you are on a winning track. Good luck.

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