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Saying Goodbye

One begins a relationship with great hope. The initial signs are very encouraging. The chemistry between both the partners is just right. Both enjoy being with each other and are happy. They believe that they have got what they wanted. Their friends know that the two are going steady and marriage may take place soon. One fine day, a partner announces that he/she would like to break away.

What happened? How did the dreams crash? Why did one partner change mind suddenly? Lets examine in detail. Does change of heart take place suddenly? Normally it does not. That means that the partner who said no, was not happy with the relationship for long. He/she was not expressing that dissatisfaction. The other partner who got dumped was not clearly told but was given very subtle hints. He/she could never pick up those hints and the idea of break-up was not in his/her unsuspecting mind at all.

What will happen now? See one scenario. Over the next few months, the dumped partner may get bombarded with blames. A lot would be told to her/him about behavior and other issues. Some things may be true, some false. As the dumped partner would try to mend fences and request to rejoin, he/she would get another volley of abuses. The relationship is gone. That is human nature. Why the partner who carried so much inside him/her did not tell about that before? Why small misunderstandings were not allowed to be sorted out, but were stored in a pressure cooker for a final burst? No one knows. What should the dumped partner do now? Say Goodbye and try to remake his/her life. This will be difficult but there are no alternatives.

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