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What Do You Do With Your Anger?

After divorce, most people develop anger. Anger over what went wrong. Anger over injustice was done to them. Anger over why did one invest so much in a marriage that was going to break. Anger over why did one marry? Guilt, anger and frustration are major emotions of most divorced people. Worse happens to women who are forced to go for divorce because of domestic abuse. How does cope up with these emotions and come out intact?

It may be a very difficult and long process. All the emotions combine and produce so much confusion in the mind that it gets tired with all the thoughts. Good and bad thoughts come one after another. The thoughts and the emotions confuse and tire the mind. The pain of having been used and then getting thrown away can be bad and unbearable.

The first step would be to give yourself a little peace. Try to distract your mind, by meeting friends, visiting places and reading books. Don’t allow the thoughts to hammer your mind all the time. Give it some rest. After some period, you may begin getting some answers to why all that happened. Don’t think much about the answers because no amount of finding out will ever return the old days. Try to live through the pain and anger whenever you can. That will drain it out. It may take some time, but unless you live through the emotions, they would never leave you. Better experience whatever pain comes in a manner so that you can bear it. After some time, re-begin your journey of life. Like a child, step after step and one day you will run again.

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