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Do You Talk Very Less?

Most of you believe that a good conversationalist should talk less and listen more. It is believed that you should give enough time to your partner to talk and make him/her feel good that he/she was fully heard. This is true. If you get no chance to talk and are always getting interrupted or cut short, you would not like it. This leads to break-ups many times.

How about talking? Say, you have a partner who has nothing interesting to talk. Who might be intelligent but always keeps quiet? Will you enjoy such company? When you go to stage shows, you enjoy someone who talks in a witty manner. You love going to such shows. What about yourself. Does your talk interest your partner? Are you witty? Are you a good speaker? Do you have enough material to talk about various subjects intelligently? If not, you might be boring your partner. This may also lead to a break-up. Listen, but when you talk, make it very interesting. Let your wit and intelligence show.

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