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Happiness After Divorce - Be Prepared For The Results

Most of the people who get divorced go into depression. The financial problems may loom large and the problem of children is overwhelming. Most of the divorcees are totally baffled and confused mentally in the initial months after divorce. If you talk to them about happiness, they will wonder if you have gone mad?

But divorcees can be happy if they are mentally prepared to face what would come after divorce. Let us try to list the problems.

How could this happen? What went wrong? Who was right and who was wrong? How could he/she behave like this? It is general confusion and bitterness about why it all happened. Try as much as you can, you will not get a satisfactory answer. Best is to accept the situation and stop looking for whys and stop feeling bitter. Accept what happened and be ready to face it.

Children are a big worry for divorcees. What would happen to them psychologically after the divorce? Sometimes children cope up with parent’s divorce better than parents themselves. Explain the situation to your children and stop worrying about them too much. That will lessen tension in your mind.

If a divorcee feels that he/she deserves more understanding and sympathy from friends and family, revise your expectations. The number of divorcees is increasing and it is no more considered a calamity by the society.

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