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How To Have A Happy Relationship?

A relationship is very tricky. Tensions build up over time and one day both the partners cannot bear the stress of the relationship and give it up. After that they keep thinking about why that happened. Why not secure the relationship right from the beginning. Every relationship will have pluses and minuses. Our objective should be to build the pluses. The minuses will then become insignificant. What are the factors that may positively influence a relationship? Let us write them down.

Maintain awareness of feelings of each other.

If you are trying to be perfect, do not do that. That causes stresses. Accept that both of you are imperfect.

Talking about breakup up in heat of the moment is wrong. One should rather avoid talking about breaking up altogether. Avoid discussing about any break up your friends have. Do not focus on any negative. Focus on positives.

Be compassionate towards each other. Take care of the mood swings and do not create tension over small things. Try to ease the atmosphere. Show care towards other person.

Lying about anything should be absolute no. Do not even try to hide things. Be totally open about everything. Never develop any trust deficit.

If something was better for you in the past and is not so in the present, avoid saying so.

Always end the day on a happy note. Do not let any misunderstanding open at the end of the day. Clear up all the mess and apologize if needed.

Know all about your partner’s likes and dislikes. If there is a conflict between what you like and what your partner likes, discuss that openly. Surrender if required. Ego in small matters never helped any one. You will feel better if you give happiness to your partner.

Go by your good instinct. Avoid thinking and dwelling upon negatives. Think of the world as a good place and your relationship as a great one.

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