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Happiness Is Not For Asking In A Relationship

Happiness is the primary need of all of us. All of us want to be happy and avoid pain. The beginning of any relationship also depends upon how happy we are with each other. But we also derive happiness from what we achieve on our own. An engineer is very happy when designs something very well. So is a homemaker who she manages to cook something that is loved by every family member. We all derive happiness in many ways. Sometimes making others feel happy makes us happy. Sometimes walking amongst and marveling at the nature makes us happy.

Some people are very happy playing with children. Everybody has something, which makes him/her happy. How do you feel happy? What makes you happy? I feel happy if my clothes are right. If anything goes wrong with my clothes, I feel very unhappy. We all have such fancies and these fancies make us human. This way people get happiness in many ways.

What if we begin depending on our partner to make us happy? How does that affect our relationship? ‘If you buy me good presents, I feel happy. If you take care of my emotional needs, I am happy. If you show that you love me, I am happy. My happiness essentially depends on how you make me happy. It is your duty to do that. If you are not making me happy, you are erring. You are breaking the relationship. You are running away from your responsibility.’ What if somebody takes this attitude?

Such an attitude will surely make your partner very unhappy and will kill the relationship soon. Happiness is a two way street. Make him/her happy and give him/her a chance to make you happy. Let both of you show care for each other. Before asking for happiness from others, we must learn to feel happy ourselves.

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