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Discomfort In Relationships

Have you encountered a situation when you feel very uncomfortable with your partner? You literally think that your partner is driving you crazy? Making you angry, frustrated? But you are not able to find out precisely why you feel so.

In many situations, a partner wants some change from the other partner. But is afraid of telling him/her straight. But the behavior of the partner shows that she/he is asking for a change. If you ask, the answer will be - it is all ok. There is a big discrepancy between words and action. This makes you feel angry because though your partner says that everything is ok, it is not so. You can feel that.

Some times, a partner thinks that the other partner should know everything in his/her mind without being told. You should guess correctly about what is going on in his/her mind. But that does not happen and you are blamed for not taking care. This again makes you very uncomfortable.

Other times, your partner tells you what to think and how to act. That is different to how you think and act, but the partner forces a change, which confuses you totally, and you become angry with yourself and your partner. There are many such relationship behaviors that drive you mad. A partner believing that he/she knows precisely about how and what the other partner is thinking is one more such example. This is all manipulation when the communication is not open.

The best solution for this is to sit together and ask - ‘Tell me what is exactly in your mind. What do you want from me? Make your thoughts clear and let us sort this mess, which is troubling me so much.’ Ask for this and request for love and care and open up yourself. With better communication, you may be able to avoid such situations that drive you to lot of discomfort.

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