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Are You Romantic?

Being a romantic is an art. Many of you are born romantic. But this can also be learned. First understand what is romance? In romance, you make your beloved feel like a prince or a princess. You change the world for them. You take them to another height that cannot be attained by any other means. A romantic person knows that to create romance, one has to create the atmosphere - that includes, sight, sound, atmosphere and the feeling of the setting. It is not easy to create romance on a busy city street. But romance can be surely created on a mountain. Let us tell you few tricks about creating romantic feelings.

Are you proposing to take your sweetheart to a posh restaurant? That will surely show that you would not hesitate spending money to romance with him/her, but will it create romance? Imagine the restaurant full of people, with waiters moving around. How do you create romance in such a setting? Will you not watch that very fat person sitting at the corner, or notice someone laughing out loudly. How do you expect to gaze in your darling’s eyes and whisper - I love you? Suppose you had instead chosen the ocean front. The sun is setting slowly. The sky is changing colors slowly. The birds are going back to their nests. The clouds are scattering the light from the setting sun. There is complete peace all around, with occasional sounds of nature. The waves are creating a rhythmic music and both of you are sitting watching the sun and ocean. The air is clean and few stars are getting visible. The night is setting. You can see the moon appearing. Both of you are quite, because you are feeling so romantic that no words are needed. You love each other and the atmosphere. The night has fully set in. The sun has fully set and the night wind has started blowing. Now gaze in the eyes of your sweetheart and say - I love you. No more words are needed. This is romance that gives the high. This creates unending passion.

Choosing the right setting is most important for romance. Get away from crowd as much as possible. Go to nature and be alone together with only your fingers clasping each other. You will get into a romantic mood in no time and create memories that you would treasure for a lifetime.

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