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Why Do You Like Someone?

‘I saw her, I talked to her, I was mesmerized with her and I wanted her to be mine forever. I saw him. I got smell of his body. I went in a trance. I was looking at his hair. He was looking so masculine. I want him forever to be mine.’

Why do you like some one? That person may not be great looking if you take a poll, but someone falls for him/her immediately. Why does this happen? What is the chemistry? Why do you find someone irresistible? What is the secret of that? Lot many love stories have been written around this love at first sight. The prince saw the princess and the princess saw the prince. Both fell in love with each other forever. This is what romance is made of. What is this and how does this happen?

You manage to lose your senses; your thinking ability and your head. Your heart overrules everything. You want that person. You try every way possible to meet and win over that person. You pass sleepless nights and pass days in a trance thinking of him/her. You are not able to live without that person for a moment. That single thought displaces every other thought. Life becomes oriented to a single goal - ‘I want her/him.’

Lot has been written about romantic love. No one has reached any conclusion about how such love develops. There are different theories about it, but can love be ever defined in terms of chemicals? Ultimately what will science achieve by finding out about the how and why of such romantic love that is heavenly? The best thing if you fall in such love is to preserve it carefully. Under no circumstances, let anything happen to destroy it. It is very precious. Take care of it.

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