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Understanding Your Partner

Being in a love relationship is a great feeling. The passion that comes with love gives a new life. Why we fall in love with a particular person is a mystery still to be solved. Because no one can say why he/she fell in love with a person. But you can try to understand your partner to nurture the relationship.

The first factor you must understand is that men and women are different. They think differently, their actions and reactions are different and their expectations are different. Men and women look at a single situation in two different ways. Their talking style is different and their goal in communication is different. a woman will understand another woman’s point of view quickly and similarly will a man understand another man’s point of view. But can you classify men and women as similar groups? Let us examine.

For example say, you are a woman. Does it mean that you act similar to all other women? No. It also applies to men. So you not only have to consider your partner as a person belonging to another sex, but also try to understand him/her as an individual. You have to find out what excites your partner. What are his/her life goals? How does she/he think? What does he/she mean with a certain action. What hurts or pleases him/her? What are his/her expectations? What makes him/her angry? You have to carefully watch and find out all that you can so that you know your partner better.

Now your objective is to act in a way that gives maximum pleasure and minimum pain to your partner. The relationship becomes strong once the partners realize that they understand each other. That bond of understanding can cross any obstacle on the way to bliss. Understanding your partner will pay you long-term dividends.

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