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Should Love Necessarily Get Destroyed?

Recently I saw a post by a man on a forum saying that he was married for twenty-seven years, but still could not stop thinking of his wife all the time. He wanted to be with her and used to think of her even during work. Some people suggested that he should consult a therapist. Can you see the tragic question and the answers?

Here is a man who loves his wife after twenty-seven years. He has heard so much about marital fights and break-ups that he thinks something is seriously wrong with him. It is like saying that I am healthy and do not fall sick at all. Please advise. and some people may say, please go and meet a Doctor immediately to find out why you are not falling sick and please fall sick as early as you can.

We are living in negativities. We are losing our balance of mind and our thinking ability. Why should we make ourselves as a number and wonder if we are not falling the statistical groups and results that predict doom for a marriage after twenty-seven years. The man should be rather delighted and thank God. His wife should feel very lucky and both should begin helping others keep their love alive for a long period. Such a blessing is rare in todays world. But it is the negative discussion about break-ups and divorces that make a sane person ask such questions.

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