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Sadness Of Love

Click any website that talks of sadness of love. You will get moist eyes after some time. The quotes of some people about the sadness they feel after losing love are very emotionally shattering. Why should love bring so much sadness? When a loved one leaves for some one else, why do most of us feel devastated? For many of us it is an earth shaking experience. What was pure pleasure turns into absolute pain that is unbearable.

Why does lost love bring so much sadness? A lover cries her/his eyes dry with sadness, but the sadness does not go away. The more one tries to avoid thinking of the lost love, the more memories come back. Every spot where you shared something, every road where you walked together, every incident that you shared, they all become deep wounds that never heal. They take away the essence of living. They leave one lost forever in sadness with a loneliness that refuses to go away.

What do the people who leave their lover think after leaving? I have no clue to that. But I know one fact. Such brutes try to justify their action in many ways. This is their way of telling their own conscience that what they did was correct. Though they justify in many ways, I wonder if they ever are satisfied with their own explanations? One great advantage such people who leave a life sad is - They depart after giving so much pain that the one who is left has no desire or energy to go back to them and ask- Why? To meet one’s lost love again may become very frightening because of the pain given before. One may begin perspiring at the very thought.

After knowing about this sadness, I can only say that one feels that death is better than to live with such sadness. Life becomes impossible. As there is no way to punish the brutes who leave a life shattered, the only prayer one can make is - God, please let her/him know about what she/he did. Please ask her/him to repent and come back.

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