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Love brings euphoria in life. Love can give great satisfaction and enjoyment forever. For that to happen, you have to understand more about what is love, your own expectations and how to get the partner with whom you can live in love. Love can also destroy. Read all about it and more in this section devoted to love and romance. Become a success in love.

When Love Is Lost?

Watch a cloud in the sky. It seems stationary. Slowly it moves and after sometime, without our realizing, that cloud is gone.

When Cupid Hits?

I used to live a simple, happy life. I call it happy, but it was more of a peaceful life. Happiness has different meanings at different times.

What Is Love?

What is love? This looks a very simple question. Is it that simple? We all talk so much about love, read so much about love and use the word love so carelessly.

Valentine’s Day - Why Rose Is The Preferred Flower?

The world is full of flowers. Visit any place dedicated to flowers and you will be amazed at the types of flowers, and facts about them.

Valentine’s Day - What Is The Logic?

Today’s lovers and tomorrows foes. How much time does it take to turn love into hatred? If the love was that of love at first sight, then….

Use Ecards To Create More Love

Love is like a tree. Imagine days, when you hear no word from your sweetheart. You start getting ideas. You get lonely and think of why?

Thoughts On Love

Love is the word that makes one go into dreams of bliss and the word that can take one into pain. It all depends, how your love turned out.

The Funny Side Of Saying - I Love You

Love, the feeling that makes a person new and feel heavenly. Love, a feeling that changes life within a moment. Have we not heard of love at first sight?

The Feeling Of Love

Many relationships break despite lot of love between the partners. It seems that love is not enough to sustain a relationship.

Should Love Necessarily Get Destroyed?

Recently I saw a post by a man on a forum saying that he was married for twenty-seven years, but still could not stop thinking of his wife all the time.

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